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WEEK 6: Arkansas City Bulldogs

by Jackson Ward
Coming off a huge adrenaline-booster from a win against Andover, the Jags looked to remain consistent on defense and keep the offense fast-paced against Ark City. This week, the Jags had an opportunity to clinch the league title, but had to remain composed to come out with a victory against a 2-5 Ark City team. The Jags struck first with a rushing touchdown within the first five minutes from senior Jacob Rees, which started the Jags’ offensive rampage of 30 unanswered points. 

“[Offensively] , our team was more focused on what we were supposed to be doing. We executed our plays better,” junior right guard Dawson Howard said. “The O-line was making key blocks for our backs to hit the holes.”
Offense came easier to the Jags this week and quarterback Chase White helped lead the push for more points on the board. 
“Personally, I feel like I played really well and that is just a taste of how I want it to be in the playoffs,” White said. “I am very pleased with our team and we played at a very high level.”
White finished the game with three touchdowns and an interception, throwing 14/18 with a completion rate of 78 percent. 
“I need to stick to the basics and do what I have been doing all year. As a leader, I really need to keep our teams’ energy very high during the playoffs because that’s what it's all about,” White said. 
The Jags defense also deserves the spotlight. The Jags allowed only 25 points through the last four games, and only six points against Ark City. 
“Our defense came to play for sure in the cold weather. We know if we bring intensity it’s going to be tough to score on us. We’re always hyping each other up,” linebacker Kamden Wilson said. “Especially when we’re on the road and don't  have fans, we provide that same energy to each other.” 
The Jags came out with a win against Ark City 37-6 pushing their record to 6-1 and earning the league title. The 4A East bracket is set in stone with the Jags clinching the two-seed. The first game of the playoffs is against an 0-6 Great Bend team, but Jags must remain composure to advance. )


WEEK 6:  vs  Arkansas City Bulldogs

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