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Andover Central High School would like to thank every Central Gridiron member and donator in 2019. A key portion of the donations went towards guardian caps. These caps are additional padding that is attached outside the helmet reducing impacts by 33%. Guardian Caps are currently utilized by over 100 colleges and 1,000 high schools during practice. This is huge for the game of football and safety of the kids who love the sport. It is Central Gridiron's intent, with the continued assistance of donations and membership drives, to fund guardian caps for all Andover Central football players including middle school and youth football programs.


Please click the link below to make your donation today. Help us grow our community football enrollment numbers to new heights using safety first methods.

  • Hudl Sideline

Instant "on the sideline"  game replay system

  • Post Game Drink and Snack

Central Gridiron provides drinks and snacks after away games for the ride home

  • Breakfast for Post Season Film

Central Gridiron volunteers make breakfast for the coaches and players  Saturday morning before the team reviews Friday nights game film.

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